Fluff Digital

At Fluff, we help learning and training providers to deliver better and more engaging experiences for their learners by crafting modern solutions.

By combining our experience of delivering great software experiences, we’re able to unlock new ways of reaching learners in a fast-moving world.

We typically work with clients who want to find better ways to deliver learning content to their audiences over more traditional methods, which often involves developing mobile apps, web apps, internal software.

We started the company after having worked in the industry with a combined 15 years of building enterprise software, websites, and digital content. We love taking that knowledge, and helping companies to find their way within a digital landscape that's getting more competitive and complex.

We're so pleased to be a sponsor of Tech Swindon. It's a much-needed resource for the local technology community, and we're excited to see how things will move over the coming years. Swindon is a very exciting place to be based, and there are a whole host of great companies. With other hubs around, such as Bristol, we think that there is a real opportunity for Swindon to develop its own culture, and become a truly unique centre of innovation.

More than anything, love talking with companies and helping with how to better deliver software. You can always contact us for a friendly chat to see how we might be able to help you.

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