Why Self-Organization Matters For Scrum Teams

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Self-organization is an important characteristic of the Scrum framework, but it's remarkably difficult to define, and that causes confusion. People who don't fully understand how challenging it is to create and sustain self-organization can see it as a remedy for all kinds of organizational ailments.

Some people see self-organization as a means for people to choose their own role and define how they do their work. Others see it as a means for people to set their salary and conduct performance appraisals with their peers. Some people even use self-organization as a means to elect a new management team every year, or make people responsible for their own profit-and-loss performance, or to give teams full authority over their own composition.

During this meetup, we approach self-organization from the perspective of the Scrum framework. We also share common symptoms and causes of low levels of self-organization, the distinction with self-management, and give examples of what it looks like in healthy Scrum Teams.

Most importantly, let's use the meetup to define new ideas, experiments, and initiatives to improve the situation in your team or organization, together!

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Wednesday, May 19, 2021
6:30 pm
8:00 pm
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