Webinar: Human Centric AI – Getting started

BCS Preston and District branch.


Dr Andy Lowe, Director of iA42 Ltd and Artificial Intelligence SME


18:00 - Main presentation - Andy Lowe
18:45 - Q&A - Andy Lowe
19:00 - Close


Human Centric AI isn’t a buzzword, why is this important to us today? We explore what does this mean and how can we start the learning from experience. AI becomes powerful when we move beyond digital computing and machine learning.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning - are they just the same thing?

Human Centric AI and how AI comes to life.

How do we get started and a challenging first project beyond hello world machine learning problems?

About the speaker

Andy lives in Cumbria with his wife and two daughters. He spent his working career in engineering and academia working on new innovative computing technologies and the regulated, sustainable and safe operation of nuclear facilities.

He studied at UMIST and Cambridge. He believes Ethical and Robust AI will improve everyone’s future. His favourite robot is Marvin the paranoid android. Marvin is a funny outcome of AI, Andy looks forward to a future powered by Human-centric Robust AI. Something future generations will truly thank us for!

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Wednesday, November 17, 2021
6:00 pm
7:00 pm
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