Brighton Base Camp: Bananas


16th October 2020

9am - 1pm



Brighton Base Camp: Bananas

For mountaineers, there are often mishaps on the way to the summit. Bad weather, equipment failure, global pandemics…

We’d already spent hours preparing for our own Summit, the October event which has become the highlight of Brighton business calendar. But then someone threw in a Covid-19-shaped banana skin and everything skidded to a halt. So, we found ourselves stuck in Base Camp, casting longing eyes up at the peak and wondering if there was another way to get there.

And, this being Brighton, and us being Brighton Chamber, there is – of course! Just like those intrepid climbers, we realised that we’d need to be innovative. To cast away convention, think on our feet and be bold.

The result is Brighton Base Camp: Bananas. Taking place on Friday 16 October 2020, it’s the younger sibling of the Brighton Summit. Base Camp is a virtual event with inspiring speakers, great networking and workshops that will change the way you think. Although you’ll be joining us remotely, you’ll be part of something that’s exciting, intriguing, welcoming.

The event will help you take stock of this crazy year and help us all breathe new life into our businesses.

It’ll be a fruitful day that will help you make something out of the bananas situation that we’ve all found ourselves in.

So, grab those crampons, stock up on the Kendal Mint Cake and book here to join the adventure!