The Innovation Collective: Identity and the DNA of our Digital Future


21st October 2020






About This Event


Mastercard InConversation Series: The Innovation Collective
“Identity and the DNA of our Digital Future"

Our Speakers:

o Ryan Patel, Board Member for the Drucker School of Management
o Bob Carver, Principal Cybersecurity Threat Intelligence and Analytics at Verizon
o Chris Reid, Executive Vice President, Identity Solutions at Mastercard

Talk Summary: In the final talk of this series, Ryan, Bob and Chris will break down what you need to know about digital identity and its importance to our digital future. The conversation will include:

o Examples of how big institutions are coming together to solve for digital identity

o The group’s top three trends that will shape the security landscape in the near future

o What today’s leaders will need to consider implementing to get to the next stage of a connected and trusted digital identity framework