Tech Swindon - Balanced - Flexibility


22nd September 2020 

10:00am - 12:00pm



Balanced is a bi-monthly group for leaders to create a forum for peer sharing experiences on some of the toughest subjects for business leaders - including flexibility, diversity, inclusion, and balance. 

We're going to start this group with the topic of flexibility. 

Pre lockdown flexibility was focussed upon working from home, condensed or variable working hours and for many companies, it was a discussion that caused concern around fairness and productivity.

The last few months have changed the conversation completely - many of us have been working from home since March, some are back in the office but many still have family care logistics which make returning to the office impossible. There are also a fair number of employees who might not yet feel safe to return to the office even when declared safe.

How do we maintain the business goals, keep our teams motivated, supported and focussed while being sympathetic to the individual needs of this unique situation?

This will stretch the most experienced manager, how do we support those newer team leaders in the company - can technology help? 

We'd like the group to feel comfortable sharing individual experiences and challenges in this group, so it will not be recorded and Chatham House rules apply - we will look to create content on the main topics of this conversation but will not directly quote without prior agreement. 

This will be a facilitated round table