Taking care of yourself and your business


29th July 2020

5pm - 6pm 



Enterprise Nation and Dell Technologies invite you to join this free online event exploring how to stay healthy, happy and motivated - to allow you to thrive both personally and professionally!

Building a business can be stressful; it's easy to burn the candle at both ends whilst trying to keep both your business and personal life on track. It's important to set aside time to recharge and to ensure you are taking care of yourself as well as your business.

During this event, we'll be discussing self-care tips for business owners and exploring how founders can keep physically and mentally well during periods of stress and uncertainty.

Our panellists will also be offering their top productivity tips to help you keep on track of your work and get things done efficiently - allowing you more time to focus on the things you love to do.

Your event agenda

5:00pm: Welcome from Emma Jones, Founder of Enterprise Nation

5:05pm: Panel discussion, moderated by Emma Jones

Panellists include:

  • Margarete McGrath, Chief Digital Officer at Dell Technologies UK and Ireland
  • Dee Burrowes, Founder & CEO of The Mindset Strategist
  • Karen Eyre-White, Founder of Go Do
  • Dr Nicholas Prior, Co-Founder of Doolally
  • James Routledge, Founder & CEO of Sanctus

5:30pm: Audience Q&A

6:00pm: Event closes

Meet the panellists

Margarete McGrath, Chief Digital Officer at Dell Technologies UK and Ireland

Margarete works with a diverse group of Dell Technologies' clients to support them with their digital and security transformations.

Alongside this, Margarete previously ran two successful start ups, focusing on sharing models in food sustainability and building social networks, while in New Zealand.

Margarete is a champion of diversity in digital and a strong advocate of STEM. A big believer in female entrepreneurship and green technology, Margarete is also an advocate of Mental Health and Wellbeing in Dell.

Dee Burrowes, Founder & CEO of The Mindset Strategist

Dee helps people gain confidence by being more effective in bringing happiness into their lives. She does this by supporting people in identifying their core values, what drives them and gaining clarity on what life and career goals should be. Her work also focuses on helping individuals eradicate self-doubt, boost self-confidence and form good habits to overcome challenges and live more mindfully and consciously.

Dee believes that life is too short to not to live within your true purpose. Her mission is to help individuals unleash their full potential in every area of their lives.

Karen Eyre-White, Founder of Go Do

Karen is the founder of Go Do, a time management business which helps busy, overwhelmed people get more done through hands-on organising help with their inbox, workspace and projects, and productivity coaching to put them back in control of their time. Go Do helps small business owners, busy individuals and time-poor leaders find a way of working that works for them.

Previously working in Government as Chief Executive of a safety regulator, Karen set up Go Do following the birth of her daughter. She wanted a different balance in her life and decided to follow her passion for productivity and getting things done. She loves helping overwhelmed, stressed people to understand their priorities, use their time more efficiently and achieve more across all areas of their life.

Dr Nicholas Prior, Co-Founder of Doolally

Dr Nicholas is an NHS Doctor and co-founder of Doolally. Doolally is an app which aims to improve people's mental fitness through a collaborative, open, fun, proactive, broad, personalised, scientific and positive approach.

After wrestling with bipolar throughout their twenties, Doolally co-founders James and Nick learned (the hard way) how to optimise their mental fitness, and the impact that it had on their lives. They partnered with Ed Colthurst, who, while working in the corporate world for ten years, saw countless colleagues suffer from burnout. Together, they have a shared vision for getting us all feeling stronger, wiser, more mentally resilient and, ultimately, happier.

James Routledge, Founder & CEO of Sanctus

James founded Sanctus in 2016, after a period of struggling with his mental health following the shutting down of his previous company. He then decided to set up Sanctus to create the brand that he wished he’d been able to turn to.

Sanctus are a brand on a mission to inspire people to work on their mental health like we do our physical health, with a big vision to put the world’s first mental health gym’s on the high street. Sanctus Coaching creates spaces for people to talk openly about their mental health in the workplace through 1:1, 45 minute, impartial and confidential coaching sessions.

How to join the online webinar

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