Swindon Agile Practitioners


29th April 2020

5:30pm - 7:30pm

Nationwide Wakefield House, Swindon SN3 1SA



Vit and Kwasi present: Product Decision making through Constellations & Deep Democracy

Ever wondered how to bring some life into decision making on product direction and feature choices to customers/consumers if you don’t have access to the customers to ask them?

How often has Product Owners or organisations to that matter, delivered what they deem as value to customers and it’s not turned out to be what the customers want.

Sad to say but some 'acclaimed' Agile teams/organisations continue to face this because;

a. They choose not to engage their customers early enough
b. Release cadence is too long thereby increasing the feedback loop.
c. Feedback loop not in place to encourage customers to feedback through the Product Owner or other open channels.
d. Product Owner is inexperienced and don’t have the know-how or embody the values and principle of agility by engaging the customer or satisfying what the customer wants rather than what they want to release.

In this workshop, we will be bringing a product hypothesis to constellate and go through the activities of creating the users or stakeholders who need to be heard and what value means to them. We will then constellate around the product and generate ideas and potential direction.

By the end of this workshop you will have learnt:
• Why constellate the direction of your product?
• What constellation is and how to use it
• How to set-up for a constellation
• How to use constellation to get a sense of what to build first - priorities

About Vit:

Vitor Henriques
Fascinated by human interactions, Vit is a dedicated professional helping groups of individuals transform into true teams.

Currently working in a "no managers" organization and empowering people for ownership and autonomy.

Helping companies in Portugal embark on their Agile transformation.

Speaker at Global Development & Innovation Summit 2018 with Kwasi Owusu-Asomaning on The True Role of the Scrum Master.


About Kwasi:

Passion for humans and curious about what makes us tick and how to unleash our true potential.
A true believer in Systems Intelligence.Experience in helping organisations adopt Agility with a key focus on people.

Speaker at AOTB 2016: Team Motivation – Putting Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose into Practice.

Speaker at Global Development & Innovation Summit 2018 with Vitor Henriques on The True Role of the Scrum Master.

Speaker at Aginext 2019.

Organisation, Relationship and Systems Coaching (ORSC) trained. International Coach Federation accredited (ICF ACC), Scrum Alliance Certified Coach (CTC)



5:30 - 6:00 Fresh Pizza will be served
6:00 - 7:00 Session
7:00 - 7:30 Questions and Networking

Other useful information:

Please note this meet up is at Nationwide's *Wakefield House* site, not Nationwide House. This is the site nearest the Old Town area, opposite Intel and the Marriott Hotel.

Please park in the visitor's car park 1 and make your way to reception and let reception know you are here for the Agile Meetup.

The Meetup will be hosted in the Lower ground floor west in the canteen area.