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30th April 2020



As part of a series of webinars we will be joining our community together to discuss how COVID-19 is affecting startups and how to manage.

About this Event

Our partners will be joining us in this hour to discuss how COVID-19 is affecting startups and what they can do to navigate their way through the changes when it comes to raising capital for their startups, approaching investors at this difficult time & other difficulties that might be affecting financial opportunities at this time.


What can you expect?

A 5-minute mindfulness session with OpenMind Wellbeing to help us focus on the hour ahead.

A Q&A with the CEO & Co-Founder of UnderPinned, a go-to platform for freelancers & small businesses which went through crowdfunding in March and is a shining example of raising capital as an early-stage startup.

Tzvete Doncheva digs into the alternative sources of funding available at the moment including grants, government support & how startups will need to adapt & manage their cash flow.



1.50pm: Welcome! Grab a cup of tea and settle in! ?

2.00pm: OpenMind Wellbeing will kick us off with 5 minutes of mindfulness to put us in the right state of mind for the next hour!??

2.10pm: Q&A with Underpinned CEO & Co-Founder Albert, hosted by Anna Flockett, Editor of Startups Magazine digging into their experience of raising capital

2.30pm: PropTech and Mobility Innovation Ecosystem Builder, Tzvete Doncheva is going to dig into acquiring investment as a startup

2.50pm: 5-10 minutes for our audience to ask their questions

3.00pm: Goodbyes ??



Q&A - Hosted by Anna Flockett, Startups Magazine Editor

Albert Azis-Clauson
, CEO and Co-Founder of UnderPinned, is an experienced Chief Exec and freelance strategy and development consultant with a demonstrated history of working in the arts, tech and freelance sectors. He’s a keen advocate of the flexible economy and regulation development in this area.

UnderPinned is the go-to platform for freelancers and small businesses, offering end-to-end support. From alleviating the administrative burden through innovative technology and partnerships to improving education and networking through a highly curated community experience. UnderPinned is focused on building the future of freelancing so freelancers can focus on building the career they want. @_underpinned | @_Underpinned


Tzvete Doncheva
is a start-up advisor, helping companies on positioning, strategy and innovation management. She’s worked in tech for the past 2+ years and most recently helped develop the ecosystem and portfolio initiatives at a London- based PropTech venture capital firm.

A core activity of her work has been identifying innovative solutions (PropTech and Mobility) and connecting the key stakeholders in the public and private sectors (transport and real estate) to enable an open dialogue and future progress.

One month into the lockdown, Tzvete will be discussing what has changed for investors & financing in the UK when it comes to being a startup or freelancer looking to raise.

@tdoncheva1 | Tzvete Doncheva


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