Reinventing Work: Clinic


7th September 2020

5:30pm - 7:30pm



? Our first Reinventing Work Clinic! ?

Join us as we self-organise into ‘clinics’ to focus on the specific challenges of those who show up. You might bring a challenge to discuss, or perhaps you can help others. We'll help people choose some great actions to improve their workplace (however small), and we'll start practising these!

We’ll use liberating structures to keep this session lively, inclusive and fun. To wrap up, we'll share our commitments to action, with accountability/support partners to help. We'll check back later with a retrospective to see how we’ve got on.

Example challenges could be:
- Our meetings suck
- We struggle to make decisions
- Internal politics is slowing us down

Or they could be something entirely different, so bring whatever's on your mind! As always, the event will be interactive with lots of opportunities to meet people, share ideas and practice new skills. We don't record sessions but we do sometimes share the chat (we change your name to your initials).

? Wondering if this Meetup is for you? ?

The global Reinventing Work movement is made up of local groups who share, learn and practice more human-centred ways of working. Our purpose (written in pencil) is to make work better, one place at a time. Please check out our main meetup page to learn about us and decide if this is for you: