Price with Confidence

Find out how to audit your revenue streams and costs and confidently price your goods and services. By utilising the Business Model Canvas - a visual, useful and readily updated strategy template, you'll have learnt how to run your business even more successfully following this three-session mini-series.

In this mini-series, utilising the amazingly adaptive Business Model Canvas template, Lucy Paine will be talking about three of the most important pillars of your business – customers, messaging and pricing – and will give practical takeaways to apply immediately to your business.

In part three she will consider how to price with confidence.

There are so many ways to price for your goods or services - are you getting it right?

What is your business end goal?

Do you utilise a P&L to ensure you’re pricing is on track?

In this interactive webinar we’ll focus on:

  • Using the Business Model Canvas planning template to help you audit your current and future revenue streams, linked to your value propositions and customer base
  • Show you how to look beneath the surface of your main business costs
  • Help you ensure that you’re linking spend to revenue and future planning to future profit

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Wednesday, November 24, 2021
10:00 am
11:00 am
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