Preparing Today’s Parliament For Its Digital Future


8th December 2020

17:30 – 18:30 GMT



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Join Rosie Hatton (Head of R&R Futures, Parliament’s Digital Service) as she talks through Parliament’s journey for its digital future.


About this Event

The Restoration and Renewal (R&R) of the Palace of Westminster, the home of the UK Parliament, is the biggest and most complex renovation of a heritage building ever undertaken in the UK.

Head of R&R Futures at Parliament’s Digital Service, Rosie Hatton has a unique view of how UK Parliament is adapting to meet the challenges of today’s digital landscape while it builds flexibility into its digital future.

Join Rosie as she talks through Parliament’s journey from digital strategy to digital transformation. She’ll share how the Palace of Westminster R&R provides the perfect example of how organisations can better organise themselves to future-proof complex projects.


About Rosie

A big-picture pragmatist with extensive leadership experience in public and private sector technology, digital and marketing industries. Rosie is the Head of R&R Futures at Parliament's 450-strong Digital Service.

Previously, Rosie oversaw delivery, measurement of and engagement with the UK Parliament’s £50million+ per annum digital strategy and, as a CXO level adviser, she helped shape a strong vision for the future of digital at Parliament, preparing the ground for transformation and creating readiness for organisational change.



17.30: Join online and welcome

17.35: Preparing Today’s Parliament For Its Digital Future

18.00: Q&A

18.30: Close


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