Introducing Self Management


17th August 2020

6pm - 8pm



This meetup is about introducing self-management safely 

Faced with a more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world, many managers are looking for ways of developing more self-managing, agile and resilient teams and organisations.

Drawing on experience in the public and private sectors, from government institutions to Nonprofits and agile networks, this workshop will explore how managers can take this journey in a way which is safer, more effective and sustainable.

We'll be looking at:

- Practical challenges in taking a team / organisation towards greater self-organisation
- Ways of making the journey safer, more effective and sustainable

Bernhard Possert and Rob Bigge will be helping us explore this topic.

Bernhard is an Organisational Consultant supporting organisations in complex change - mostly towards self-organisation.

Rob is a Coach and facilitator focused on supporting manager-leaders to develop more agile and resilient teams / organisations.

As always, the event will be interactive with lots of opportunities to meet people, share ideas and practise new skills.

 Online Zoom meeting 

Details will be confirmed nearer the time

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