Intro to Apache Kafka and Kafka Streams


16th January 2020

19:00 – 21:00 GMT



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We are excited to announce 2020's last Java virtual Meetup on Wednesday 16th December at 7pm!

This meetup will feature guest speaker Eirk Schmiegelow, CEO at Hivemind Technologies, who will be presenting a talk on ‘Intro to Apache Kafka and Kafka Streams’.

In this session, Eirk will give an overview of Apache Kafka, explaining its architecture and design principles, and convey an understanding of its benefits for stream oriented applications and event processing use cases. He will also walk us through Kafka Stream, showing us how it works and how well it integrates into Kafka when building message driven applications.

So, grab a glass of something, maybe some nibbles and join us on the evening of the 16th!

Dawid & Mason

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