Inspiring women and girls in STEAM - celebrating Ada Lovelace Day


13th October 2020

16:00 – 17:00 BST



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In celebration of Ada Lovelace Day, Engine Shed and SETsquared bring together a panel of inspiring women in tech.


About This Event


In celebration of Ada Lovelace Day, the woman who is widely regarded as the first ever computer programmer, Engine Shed and SETsquared Bristol bring together a panel of women in STEM/STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) to talk about their tech careers, which have developed into something much more entrepreneurial.

The event will be a place for women in tech and girls in STEAM education to inspire, be inspired and celebrate the original coder, Ada Lovelace.

The panel will be chaired by Caroline Clark, KETS Quantum Security

The panel will include;

  • Ajara Pfannenschmidt, User Experience Designer and Information Architect
  • Chen Mao Davies, founder & CEO LatchAid, VR/AR product to help mothers and babies commence breastfeeding
  • Sara Telahoun, Sustainability Consultant for Cities at Anthesis Group
  • Lily Manzoni, Head of Research and Development, LettUs Grow

This event is targeted at women and girls to hear from other inspirational women and we encourage anyone to attend, celebrate and be inspired. We welcome children, if appropriate and accompanied by an adult online. 

If you want to ask a question for the panel, tweet us @EngineShed_BB using #ALD20_Bristol or during the event, posting in the comments section on zoom.

Please note this event will be filmed use the online events platform. We advise all under 18s to have their cameras off during the event. The filming of this event may be replayed during Bristol Technology Festival. All attendees under 18 should change their names to xxxx or keep a parent/carers name. Info on safeguarding young people will be sent to all participants.


Post event coding for school pupils - Ada Lovelace Day coding in python poetry generator

This workshop is run by University of Bristol Digimakers teams and is aimed at those beginning coding, perhaps with experience block coding (e.g. Scratch). The workshop will demonstrate how to write a poetry generator using Python. It will cover Python topics including creating lists, print statements and random selection. Students will also have to use their knowledge of verbs, adjectives and nouns. It is a great opportunity to learn how to write code, while getting creative and generating fun poems.

This workshop will cover all the coding tools needed, so no Python experience is required. You will need to know the difference between nouns, adjectives and verbs.

All that is required is a web browser.

Please book separately for this event here.



Caroline Clark

A mechanical engineer by background, Caroline is the Chief Operating Officer at KETS Quantum Security, a Bristol based start-up whose mission is to secure the world's information using light and the uniquely weird properties of quantum mechanics. Caroline has experience of working in academic and industrial research and spent her early career developing new techniques for the imaging and measurement of defects using ultrasonic arrays. More recently, she led the growth of a quantum technologies research, training and enterprise centre at the University of Bristol, taking it from 20 to 100 staff and students with over £50M in grant funding. Caroline is passionate about people and is aiming to support the next generation of innovators and inventors through the power of design with her side project; Zebera Design and Innovation.

Ajara I. Pfannenschmidt


Ajara is an inquisitive seeker who aims to get the core of the matter and integrate the findings into sustainable human-centred designs.

Over the last 20 years she grew from a web master to a web designer to a fully fledged user experience designer. She worked on an multitude of digital and analog projects, ensuring that the people who the services / products are for, were heard and seen. With her multi-disciplinary skill-set she is as adept in the design as in the tech side of things.

As a passionate tech educator Ajara believes in empowering humans through knowledge. She was a core member of one of the first computer schools from women for women, teaching and developing new training concepts for 15 years. With her strong focus on gender equality, she became a project lead on many national and European projects carried out by the institute. She is an active member of many women networks in the industry - mentoring, teaching and speaking.

Chen Mao Davies

Chen is the Founder & CEO at LatchAid. She holds a PhD in Computer Graphics and has over 15 years R&D, software design, development, and support experience. She spent the past 8 years working in a world-class R&D team to create stunning Visual Effects for blockbuster movies including the Oscar-winning Gravity and Blade Runner 2049. Chen is a mother of two and had first-hand experience as a once-struggling but later successful breastfeeding mum. Her experience motivated her to create the LatchAid app to support other mums during their breastfeeding journeys.

Sara Telehoun

Sara Telahoun is a climate change consultant with a background in greenhouse gas accounting and reporting for local governments. She currently manages the development of the SCATTER GHG emissions measurement and modelling tool, and also supports local governments in the UK with their wider climate emergency strategy development and stakeholder engagement. Sara sits on Bristol City Council's Environmental Sustainability Board, working with other local experts on the strategy to net zero for the city and is a mentor and advisor with Catalyse Change, a community interest company dedicated to supporting young women and girls to succeed in sustainability careers.

Lilly Manzoni

Lilly Manzoni is head of research and development at LettUs Grow, a vertical farming startup developing sustainable farming technologies. It was her passion to improve the world through technology that lead her to become a founding team member in this environmentally focussed business.

Lilly is a specialist in the field of atmospheric aerosol chemistry. She has revolutionised the generation of aerosol in aeroponics, solving a fundamental industrial problem which has held back the field until now. Before joining LettUs Grow, she worked at the Bristol Aerosol Research Centre, where her work was funded by the world-leading agency, DSTL.

Lilly is the diversity and inclusion lead for the local chapter of Legal Hackers, an organisation which aims to ethically hack problems for traditionally underrepresented groups. As a woman in STEM she feels strongly about representation and inclusion in the sector.

This is an ALD indie event

Ada Lovelace Day is an international celebration of the achievements of women in science, technology engineering and maths which aims to increase the profile of women in STEM and create new role models for both girls and women studying or working in STEM.

Find out more about Ada Lovelace Day at and on Twitter @findingada.

Thanks to TechSPARK for providing the image for this event from their SHIFT stock photography

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