How to sell self-management (without saying "self-management")


20th October 2020

6:00 PM - 7:45 PM GMT+1



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This session is about communicating new ways of working

How do we share our passion for self-organising with those who aren't yet aware of the possibilities and, to be honest, quite put off by the term 'self-management'?
- We'll be learning from Virpi Oinonen, The Business Illustrator, how drawn storytelling can help with change communications.
- Using our new-found skills in story-telling, we'll be exploring how to respond to the phrase "It'll never work here!"

Please make sure you have a dark pen and A4 paper to hand.

As always, the event will be interactive with lots of opportunity to meet people, share ideas and practice new skills.

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- Turn your video camera on if you can
- Call from a quiet place
- We don't record sessions but we do sometimes share the chat (we change your name to your initials).

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