Got Funding. Need Funding. What Next?


19th August 2020

11:00am - 12:30pm



Have you secured funding for your business? Do you still need to secure funding? Find out what you should do next!

About this Event

“The presentations were brilliant! Short, sharp and focused on the challenges that SMEs are facing as we come out of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Frankly if you do not pick up at least two or three ideas out of this webinar then you must have your head in the sand! I have been inspired to re-visit dormant clients and prospects and move my interaction with them way beyond the typical four contacts before I give up. That was the lightbulb moment for me don’t give up! That I am sure will see me revive opportunities and secure more business .

Robbie Cairns, Director Phenomenal Development Ltd, Guildford, Surrey

What does the next stage of your business plan involve?

Need to secure funding?

Find out what lenders expect to see in funding proposals and how you can easily achieve this to maximise your chance of a successful application.

Secured funding already?

How do you ensure you generate the greatest return for your business? We help you identity and avoid the mistakes many businesses make.

Protecting & Growing Revenue

How secure are your sales?

  • Are you at risk of losing existing customers?
  • Do you need to generate new leads?

Identify the key measures you need in your business and the action you need to take to create 'Irresistible Customer Relationships' and increase opportunities for referrals.

Join us. Create the action plan you need for business success.

Just some of the comments direct from the Zoom chat at the previous session.

  • Brilliant!!
  • I found that a very practical session for business, thank you very much.
  • Some great content one of the most useful webinars I have been on thanks to everyone involved
  • Excellent! Really helpful insights. Thank you.
  • A very useful and insightful session. That I do believe will be worth repeating
  • Brilliant content and advice - thank you. Would like any links to forward on? Definitely worth repeating.
  • Excellent content and a good combination of topics, many thanks to all
  • Very informative. Excellent and thank you very much
  • so much covered thank you
  • Great content from all presenters today- thank you!
  • Thumbs up to all presenter, big clap to all
  • So much more than I was expecting. Fearless and thorough. Thanks guys.
  • Thank you glad i took time out for this well done