Geek Nights


22nd April 2020

7pm - 9pm



"What is Kubernetes and Why Use it?"+"Observability with Grafana and Prometheus"


Hi All, after a great March event over Zoom, here's one with an old friend of Geeknights for April. We'll make it interactive again and can finish with a general discussion at the Virtual London Inn, so BYO beer!

Malcolm Holmes (who has previously presented here under his Buddhist name, Upayavira), is a Software Engineer and SRE at Grafana Labs. He is also a long-standing member of the Apache Software Foundation and experienced trainer and consultant.


Malcolm will be presenting on Kubernetes and on application monitoring with Prometheus and Grafana. He will give an introduction to Kubernetes, and explain what it brings to the picture. He will introduce Observability and explain how this is different from Monitoring. Then, he will introduce the best of breed observability pair: Prometheus and Grafana. As always, Malcolm enjoys questions, so please bring them along.