Digital & Technology Transformation Showcase series


5th November 2020 18:00 - 21st January 2021 19:00 GMT



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BCS London West Branch

About this Event

Kuldip Sandhu


This is a webinar series of three talks; each talk will cover two subject areas starting with the first talk on

Thursday 5th November 2020
Thursday 10th December 2020
Thursday 21st January 2021


Thursday 5th November 2020

Demystifying Digital Transformation: The Buzz and the Hype

Digital is the buzz nowadays! Digital however is not new and was first conceptualised by Alan Turing in his 1936 seminal paper. Yes, you read that right and by now, might be wondering what the hype around Digital Transformation is all about? Please join Kuldip for this webinar where he presents on the Digital Disruption journey and the associated business models to demystify Digital Transformation and the opportunities it brings.

IT Function Transformation for Digital Business Alignment

As digital adoption accelerates IT and Digital Transformation, we see Technology at the forefront. The IT Function is now being seen not just an “enabler” but an essential “business driver” for digital transformation. Please join Kuldip for this webinar as he details the IT maturity model that allows the IT Function to go on an IT Transformation journey for change centred on consolidation, standardisation, innovation, and agility to achieve digital business outcomes.


Thursday 10th December 2020

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) use cases

Today the CIO team is looking for areas where digitalisation can be leveraged for driving business value and enabling value streams to maximise standardisation, compliance and resource utilisation. This is where RPA will play a key role. Please join Kuldip as he discusses how most RPA programmes under deliver primarily because of the wrong choice(s) made on what to automate. Understanding the people, process, partners and Technology challenges and opportunities before embarking on an RPA journey is paramount to help identify the right “candidates” for automation from a business and technology perspectives.

Why DevOps should be called BizDevSecOps for organisational value stream optimisation

As we move into the restart of business around the globe and employees start coming back to work, many organizations have still not started on their DevOps/Agile adoption journey.

Please join Kuldip as he presents the concepts and principles of Agile, BizDevSecOps, ITSM and how they are all inter-related. He will cover the following:

• Concepts and principles of Agile, DevOps and ITSM
• Why “DevOps” should actually be called “BizDevSecOps” and

Why an organisational cultural change is required to adopt these new ways of working in addition to Software Development automation


Thursday 21st January 2021

Technology Trends for 2021 and beyond

IT functions need to transform and align themselves with the digital business agenda, be empowered with the tools and techniques to support them to transform in these unprecedented times of change. Please join Kuldip on this webinar as he showcases key technology trends and initiatives, tools and techniques that can enable the Digital and IT Transformation journey in managing effective “Value Delivery” to enhance the end user and customer experience.

Organisational Change Management

In this webinar Kuldip will cover the lessons learnt from Digital / IT / Agile Transformation programmes in order to make change stick from a people and organisational change perspectives.

Kuldip Sandhu is a Digital / IT Transformation and Change practice development adviser, interim and consultant with 25+ years working in IT across banking and financial services, higher education, legal, police, local government, insurance, retail, professional services, telecoms and aerospace, events & hospitality, and recruitment.

He has also worked across a number of IT consultancies: PwC’s CIO Advisory practice, TCS’ Global Consultancy, developed the CIO Advisory practice at PTS Consulting, a small boutique IT consultancy, and in my most current interim roles engagements he has won and delivered Digital / IT Transformation initiatives at Durham University, British Transport Police, UIS University of Cambridge, Wakefield District Council, Hogan Lovells and most recently at the ExCeL Convention Centre.

In addition, he author’s articles, papers, blogs and presents webinars with passion that relate to how the IT function needs to adapt in the digital age. Some of his recent blogs can be found at including articles on ‘’Digital Business Innovation through IT Function agility’’, ‘’Cybersecurity in the HE sector’’, ‘’Enterprise Agility for the Digital Age’’ and how the IT function must adapt to the drive for Digital Transformation post the Covid-19 pandemic. Over the past 6-8 months he has run a series of LinkedIn webinars related to the above topic areas in a very engaging and insightful way to target audiences of several 100’s globally.