Building Back, Webinar 2 - in association with HSBC

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Join us on Tuesday 11th May for a Webinar hosted by Business West

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Roland Emmans, Head of Technology Sector at HSBC UK | 11th May

Roland is a career banker but is not out of the traditional mould. He is a big fan of psychology, and how human beings interact with each other and technology. Roland spends a lot of time cutting through the ‘buzz words’ to what tech change really means to us here and now as well as in the medium term. In his spare time Roland coaches and referees rugby as well as being a powerboat instructor.

Roland heads up HSBC’s technology client banking business for the UK, helping growing businesses from start-ups all the way to large, quoted multinationals. He is a 25 yrs+ career banker having worked in a wide range of roles and geographies, for the last 12 years he has focussed purely on the tech sector. Roland jokes that he spends much of his time translating what tech firms do into a language banks can understand.

Roland is aware that he is very lucky to gets to meet more than 200 innovative tech firms per year, getting to hear the inside story, giving him a big network and broad perspective on the sector.

Roland’s current areas of interest include remote working driven culture change, hybrid working models and COVID-19 accelerated digital transformation.

In this webinar Roland will talk about how technology is influencing our lives, remote working, digital transformation, Artificial Intelligence and the skills set likely to be needed by the workforce of tomorrow.

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Tuesday, May 11, 2021
9:30 am
10:30 am
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