Brighton Immersive Meetup: Browser-Based Immersive Experiences


16th December 2020

18:00 – 20:00 GMT



We keep an eye out for all the meetups we think our community might be interested in, so this schedule represents a range of third party sessions as well as showcasing our own events. If you have something you'd like to share, do get in touch.

Learn about the possibilities of browser-based immersive experiences through WebVR & WebAR.


About this Event

Join us for our upcoming Brighton Immersive Meetup to discover new ways to deliver content to clients and customers, using browser-based virtual-reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR).

Get a taste of an app-less future, and get a sense of some of the current limitations, and the future potential of 5G.


This event is for you if:

You're interested in learning more about immersive tech and its applications
You're a web developer who'd like to develop for immersive tech.
You're interested in exploring the applications of browser-based VR or AR experiences in education or training, for example in your classroom.
You'd like to see how browser-based spaces could be used to exhibit your artwork, or as a medium for storytelling.
You'd like to explore some of the innovative ways large organsiations are using browser-based technology for business.
You're a live theatre producer, or a music venue that is looking into virtual events.

We'll be joined by: Andy Baker - Ixxy

Ixxy was founded by FuseBox resident Andy Baker, who's had a lifelong obsession with digital media and content tools, from what would now be called algorithmic art on a ZX Spectrum through to Unity and VR.

The key technologies he uses now are Python and Django for web development and Unity 3D for immersive and VR work.


Piotr Nierbisz - Munchingsquare

FuseBox resident Piotr is a creative technologist and VR/AR/MR developer with 15 years of experience working on different technology projects including some amazing art installations.

Sign up to join in one of two ways:


Watch and network in VR

Join us in the browser-based immersive social platform Mozilla Hubs for the opportunity to network with others and watch the event live on the ‘big screen’. Mozilla Hubs supports most devices and all major VR headsets.


Watch live on YouTube

If you'd just like to tune in instead, you can watch a livestream of the event on YouTube and get involved via the YouTube chat.

A massive thank you to Legal & General for sponsoring this Brighton Immersive Meetup!