Agile Reading | Debate - Scrum To Kanban


21st October 2020

17:45 - 19:15 BST





Join Agile Reading for a group debate - should Agile Delivery teams with high levels of variability switch from Scrum to Kanban practices?


About This Event


Welcome to the next Agile Reading meetup!

Our mission is to grow the Agile community in Reading and share new trends and techniques in the Agile world.

Join us for this month’s Agile Reading meetup where we will be running our next Agile debate group. In this interactive session, attendees will form the debating teams.

The Motion is "Scrum To Kanban" - The ‘house’ believes that Agile delivery teams that experience high levels of variability (e.g. production support, stakeholder direction change) should drop their unnecessary Scrum events / roles / artifacts and adopt more Kanban practices."

We will facilitate a structured debate with pre- and post-voting to see how the group is swayed by the discussion.


Your Event Agenda


5:45pm: Join online and introductions

6:00pm: Agile debate group - facilitated by Stuart Munton and Adam Hall

  • Introduction to the motion - "Scrum To Kanban"
  • Pre-debate vote
  • Time boxed debate of the topic
  • Post-debate vote

7:15pm: Close


OWe look forward to seeing you there!

Adam and Stu

We strive to host a friendly and safe environment for all attendees. Please read our Code of Conduct for full details on how we maintain this, and to understand how best to let us know about anything that may be going against this:

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