TechSwindon Summit 2020 - Securing trust in a complex digital media landscape with Blockchain

Music, videos, TV content  and photos are essential elements of communication. But the support systems around these media assets need an update.

Securing trust in a complex media landscape - For decades, art dealers, whiskey producers, diamond brokers have sought technological ways to detect fakery and protect their valuable assets.

The industry need to know, could we do to secure the provenance and demonstrate the authenticity (and therefore reliability) of precious asset: our media content?

This panel driven debate will look at different projects in the blockchain space who are looking to tackle this challenges


David Karney

From Blockchain to IoT to Cloud, I help large businesses digitally transform to make the most of tomorrow’s opportunities. Opportunities like tokenization. While I’ve worked in tech for more than 20 years, right now I’m focusing my energies and experience on identifying how Blockchain can combine with other technologies to help people and organisations take full advantage of a digitised physical world, driven by this exciting new technology.

I pride myself on taking a holistic, consultative approach. I believe in developing long term relationships; relationships based on honesty and trust. I also believe in challenging clients. Debate and discussion drive change and change is a facilitator for innovation – something I help organisations to achieve.

Hugo Feiler

Hugo is co-founder and CEO of Minima the world’s first truly decentralised blockchain protocol based entirely on mobile phones. Launched in 2018, Minima marks a re-engineering of the blockchain, to create a more resilient protocol, with no central points of failure, where all participants collaborate as equals, thereby removing the need for on-chain governance, or for rewarding miners to secure the chain. Minima’s aim is to create a truly decentralised blockchain network that will operate as an open, co-operative ecosystem, within which users are free to transfer information and value in a secure and trusted environment.

Hugo is an entrepreneur with over two decades of experience in the marketing communication space.  Prior to launching Minima, Hugo run and founded internationally awarded advertising agencies, creating global campaigns for companies including Vodafone, Toshiba and Sony Electronics.  He was previously General Manager of marcomms at Sony Europe for its computer and audio divisions.

Erica Stanford

Erica graduated from the University of Edinburgh with an MA in Economics in 2009, and worked for eight years in business, marketing and sales strategy. Erica was introduced to cryptocurrency and blockchain in early 2017, and has since been researching and investing in the space. Since 2018 Erica has been working on a blockchain platform focused on micropayments on a pay per use basis and on tracking donations.

She also works with blockchain and emerging tech startups on business strategy and mainstream growth, as well as with national companies on blockchain adoption.

Erica is the founder of the Crypto Curry Club- a series of fun networking lunches and educational events for leaders in blockchain, crypto and emerging tech.

Robert M. Learney

Lead Technologist, Blockchain DLT. Dr. Robert M. Learney is a technology enthusiast and qualified doctor who studied medicine at Oxford University and Imperial College. He later left the NHS to return to research and completed a PhD in Biomedical Engineering at Imperial College, funded by the James Dyson Fellowship.

In 2014, Robert co-founded the Imperial College Centre for Cryptocurrency Research and Engineering, to create a cross-disciplinary academic focal point for blockchain research in London. He has worked in this sector ever since.

As the Lead Technologist in Blockchain & DLT at Digital Catapult, he manages a team engaged in multiple collaborative projects aiming to improve the UK’s economic position through the appropriate use of this technology. These span aerospace, FMCG, food & drink, oil & gas, the nuclear industry, and construction.

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