TechSwindon Summit 2020 - AI for Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is an arms race, where adversaries are constantly evolving techniques to carry out attacks, and defences need to adapt in anticipation.

Long gone are the days where threat signatures or rules were thought enough to handle problems as they arise, and instead an entirely new behavioural way of monitoring IT estates is required, continuously able to tease out deviations from what is expected.

For defence to be effective, data from a raft of sources needs to be collected, at rates exceeding millions of events a second for large organisations, and from this insights drawn.

AI, in particular machine learning, is a crucial component of any cyber security operations pipeline today and this talk will speak about current developments being made in BT to combine the power of machines with that of human teams, in order to detect, understand, and respond to cyberthreats.

Speaker profile

Alex Healing is a senior research manager at BT Labs where he is responsible for the Future Cyber Defence programme.

His team design and build tools that allow security analysts to better understand and respond to evolving cyber threats.

The work focuses on machine learning research, scalable data analytics architectures, visual analytics, and human-centred design.

Alex architected and delivered the award-winning data visualisation capability within BT’s Cyber Security portfolio called Saturn and works to further bridge the gap between research theory and business operations.

He has published in several conferences and journals, is co-author of over ten patent applications and won the title of Young IT Professional of the Year at the UK IT Industry Awards in 2012. He has a degree in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science from the University of Edinburgh

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