TechSwindon Summit 2020 - A Digital Creative's Journey - How I Switched from Boring Software to Making Games

In the mid 80's - at the age of 6, Rich started to teach himself how to code on a ZX Spectrum. He quickly realised his life long goal was to become a game developer, but how?

‍Rich talks about starting his career at a bank, and (spoiler alert!) ending up in game development. He also discusses some key points in his life that both helped and hindered his career path.

Goals aren't always straightforward to achieve!

Fancy getting into games or other creative digital sectors? Rich will be giving advice and tips on what you can do to get into games, or to be more digitally creative in your career.

About Rich

Over 23 years of experience in developing interactive software for business along with web and games for entertainment (brands such as LEGO and CBBC).

His current passion and focus is applying gaming and game technology to different industry sectors.

He uses 3D games, virtual reality and augmented reality to create visualisations, experiences and simulations for his clients.

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