Tech startups encouraged to tap into enterprise talent as part of upcoming ‘Intrapreneurship Programmes’

Tech startups encouraged to tap into enterprise talent as part of upcoming ‘Intrapreneurship Programmes’

UK founders will have the chance to get short-term support from tech talent, such as software developers and designers, completely free of charge as part of a new initiative.

Imagine if startup founders were able to borrow resources from some of the country's most forward-thinking enterprise businesses, one day a week for 12 weeks - for free.

This is exactly how The Intrapreneurship Project plans to run their first 'Intrapreneurship Programmes' in 2021, giving individuals in tech & product roles at established companies the opportunity to develop entrepreneurial skills first-hand as part of a living, breathing startup.

The Swindon-based organisation is led by former tech founders Shane Moore & Hamlyn Deas, who first developed the concept while building their own award-winning startup in their spare time.

“Enterprise businesses are having to work very hard to keep up with the pace of newer, more agile companies, but they face this paradox where it’s really difficult to innovate without an entrepreneurial mindset. This is where our idea for the Intrapreneurship Programmes came from.

“An Intrapreneur is someone who thinks and acts like an entrepreneur, but within a larger organisation. Instead of venturing off to build something new, they are questioning the way things work around them and looking for ways to repurpose and rebuild to solve problems.

“We built our startup outside of full-time jobs, and we were quick to realise just how much we were accelerating our own learning. Every week it felt like we had new skills and insight that we could bring back into our day-to-day, which made us more valuable to the companies we worked for and more employable when it came to finding new opportunities.

“We’re looking for founders that can provide our candidates with a learning environment that emulates this experience, and can lead by example when it comes to championing those entrepreneurial values. We’re building our network more and more every day — working closely with those startups to understand their skill shortages so that we can find the best match for them from our list of available candidates.

“We’re hoping to run our first programme later this year with our first major client. Our number one priority is to demonstrate that running a programme like this can lead to a measurable increase in entrepreneurial thinking in candidates. If we can prove that, then we can offer more opportunities for founders that need support and resources, and help shape the next generation of intrapreneurs in the process.”

Startups interested in taking part can register here to be considered for upcoming Intrapreneurship Programmes in 2021 and beyond.

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