Balanced, Work Buddies & Keeping Talking

Balanced is a core TechSwindon meeting, founded in September 2020 to address the key world of work topics which were relevant prior to lockdown, but feeling even more essential now.

‍Our first session covered flexibility - and how employers and employees have to change their approach to ensure both parties get what they need from a productivity, motivation and growth perspective. That's not easy and is challenging both sides to get it right.

The second-panel discussion was on visibility - when you are not in the office how can you be heard? How often have you had a kitchen chat that became a new project, or heard about a potential new role at a night out - how do we replicate that remotely?

But also how can you celebrate your achievements, or ask for help, over a video camera or platform, in the right way?

For our first session of 2021, we're going to talk about work buddies, how we support each other and put structures in place to create a long term supportive culture. This third lockdown has been the hardest for many people, the weather and homeschooling putting additional pressures across our colleagues.

It's going to be a practical session with lots of ideas you can implement for your team - and we'd also love to hear what's worked for you across the last year.

We'll be joined by;

Vic Heyward, Brand Marketing and Communications Manager - Bright

Balanced is a platform for ideas, discussion and support - we want you to come along with your thoughts, the chat is interactive and sharing experiences is a great way to help each other.

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