Tech Swindon is the information hub for all things tech in Swindon and across the region.

Our purpose is to shine a light on tech innovation and celebrate the brilliant people that power the companies and products based in our part of the world.

We aim to connect and inform all of those who work in tech in the region by providing a central hub for news, profiles, events, resources and lots more.

The work that Tech Swindon is undertaking will help to bring together our business community locally and also showcase what we have to offer to the rest of the UK and the World.

Demonstrating that Swindon is a great place to work and live is crucial for the Town’s future success and by collaborating with some of the most innovative people and businesses the country has to offer right here on our very own doorstep, we will take a massive step forward in future-proofing our economy.

TechSwindon's strength is based on the power of our community and we need you to add your support.

There are three key pillars which underpin the Tech Swindon campaign:

Talent: Attracting and retaining the best talent to Swindon is a challenge deeply felt by organisations big and small.

Tech Swindon will help businesses to thrive with our focus on activity to help retain and attract top national and international talent.

Ecosystem Development: The development of our existing workforce and industries is paramount to growth.

The campaign will provide a number of community-led outlets that will nurture a close talent and entrepreneurial network that promotes support, growth and opportunity.

Business Growth: Redefining and repositioning Swindon as a great place to live and work.

With a focus on helping leading companies to unlock the innovation in the town and our startup community access the support and funding needed to grow.

We would actively encourage any individuals or businesses with an interest in innovation to step forward and get involved in any way possible.

Our Mission

Tech Swindon’s mission is to strengthen the burgeoning tech ecosystem in Swindon & Wiltshire. Shining a light on the opportunities the region presents to tech-focused industries and as a place for innovation with a highly skilled workforce.

We have designed not just an event, but a campaign and experience, through a blend of marketing activity, community meet-ups, talent targeting, mentoring, business outreach and innovation based challenges we have developed a robust programme culminating in a digi-tech showcase event bringing businesses, investors and top talent together for the first time.

Tech Swindon will catalyse the ecosystem of innovative tech driven businesses and create a leading community to attract and retain the best people.

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